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12 Days of Santa’s Insurance- Day 5

By December 16, 2019June 9th, 2020Insurance

Santa’s sleigh racks up serious mileage on December 24, but he should be protecting it the other 364 days of the year. The Sholley Insurance Agency can help with that.

A garage owner’s policy is designed to cover bodily injury or property damage that results from an accident during garage operations. If an elf slips and falls on a spill in Santa’s garage while caring for the legendary red luge, this coverage will help pay for any legal fees if they decide to sue.  It will also help pay for damages if Santa and his sleigh cause a collision with another automobile or structure, damaging a third party’s property.

A garage owner’s policy would cover and damage to Santa’s sleigh while it being stored in the garage in its 364 day off season. It protects damages a as result of:

  • Fire (make sure to put out any candles and toasty fires at the end of the day!)
  • Theft (Santa’s wondrous sleight would be the jewel in any accomplished thief’s collection.)
  • Extreme weather (a given in the frozen tundra of winter wonderland.)
  • Other accidental damage to the vehicle – like a collision (although Rudolph is masterful at guiding Santa’s sleigh through all types of weather conditions and traffic scenarios.)

Some things to consider when exploring how to safely store Santa’s one-of-a kind red luge. First, an inspection of the garage will probably be required. The North Pole is a long haul away, so a phone call and photos would likely suffice. To gauge theft and fire risk, how the storage premises are controlled must be assessed. Is there a security system and a fire prevention system in place? How old is the storage facility? Who will have the keys to the sleigh and how many sleighs are being stored? What is the condition of the sleigh? If the sleigh is antique or chock-full of expensive high-tech instrumentation, it will likely increase the premium.