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12 Days of Santa’s Insurance- Day 3

By December 14, 2019June 9th, 2020Insurance

From names and presents to addresses and routes, Santa has a plethora of data to track. He’d be out of his red hat not to protect it!

Fortunately, the Sholley Insurance Agency can help him find a cyber liability policy that ensures the only clouds Santa has to worry about are the ones he flies through.

Here are three scenarios that show not even Santa is safe from cyberattacks:

  1. Santa climbs in his sleigh and logs into his on-board computer only to find that he’s been locked out of his database and hackers are demanding $1 million in bitcoin to unlock it – a hallmark of a ransomware attack.
  2. Halfway around the globe on Christmas Eve, Santa checks his list for the third time and realizes it’s been scrambled, and he has delivered presents to the wrong addresses!
  3. Mrs. Claus is monitoring Santa’s virtual private network (VPN) when thousands of server requests hit, the first sign of a massive data breach.

Santa’s security would be in the bag with the right cyber liability coverage, which can be customized to cover cyberattacks, data breaches, and provide the resources to correct any erroneous gift-giving. Access to cyber risk management and data breach experts is included with his cyber liability policy, so Santa can learn how to prevent losses as well as how to respond to them.