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12 Days of Santa’s Insurance – Day 2

By December 13, 2019June 9th, 2020Insurance

Santa’s sleigh would be grounded without his team of famous flyers, so he needs to make sure they are properly insured.

While Santa’s reindeer seem to be well-behaved and remarkably long-lived, there are some situations where it would be wise to consider insuring the herd.

Santa’s options include:

• Liability and property coverage

If one of the reindeer happened to run off the North Pole acreage and collide with a passing vehicle, a Farm policy would cover liability damages to the vehicle and bodily injury to any occupants. The property portion of the policy would cover the loss of the reindeer.

• Attractive nuisance

The Farm policy would also cover injuries to curious visitors who come onto Santa’s property to get a look at the reindeer.

• Theft

What thief wouldn’t be interested in flying reindeer? A theft extension to the Farm policy is a smart idea to guard against the costs incurred should someone discover and steal one of Santa’s 9 magical reindeer.

On a side note, Santa might want to consider also purchasing a mortality policy for his rare breed of antlered haulers. This type of policy would include emergency life-saving veterinary fees in case a reindeer has an accident requiring emergency care.