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12 Days of Santa’s Insurance – Day 10

By December 21, 2019 June 9th, 2020 Insurance

Manufacturing and delivering toys is a messy business… and so is caring for a herd of magical reindeer.  Santa should make sure he has coverage for any pollution caused by his workshop, his team of flying haulers, or during his epic night of deliveries.

It’s not enough to make billions of toys to deliver globally in a single night, all while maintaining a cheerful disposition – even Santa must clean up after himself. Fortunately, the Sholley Insurance Agency is here to help.

Here are three types of coverage Santa should consider:

1. Contractor’s pollution liability policy

The only traces Santa and his team should leave behind are gifts, cookie crumbs, and reindeer hoof prints. If Santa were to cause smoke or fire damage coming down, a chimney or knock over a storage tank during an emergency landing, a contractor’s pollution liability policy would help him make things right.

2. Non-Owned Disposal Site Coverage

Imagine all the empty paint cans and other waste generated by the elves making toys every year for all the good girls and boys. While Santa recycles what he can, he is responsible for cleaning up waste if it was improperly disposed of by a disposal facility that’s no longer in business. A Non-Owned Disposal Site Coverage policy would cover those related costs. Non-Owned Disposal Site coverage is designed to protect against claims for bodily injury, property damage, or cleanup costs made against a disposal facility.

3. Site Pollution Liability Insurance

Site Pollution Liability insurance is designed to cover claims arising from pollution released at, on, or emanating from a specific scheduled location. While we can’t imagine Santa’s workshop emitting anything but powdered sugar, with a toy manufacturing operation as vast as his, Santa is wise to make sure his North Pole homestead is protected.

Now for the reindeer…. While a herd of reindeer isn’t known to have disastrous impact on the environment, increasing concerns of global warming should be addressed. Just how much methane do 9 reindeer release between their flatulence and excrement over centuries? We can’t exactly say, but that’s a lot of poop! Santa must employ a large crew to scoop up that mess…. Remember when we said we’d discuss what happened to the naughty kids later? Yeah. A few weeks at Santa’s barn can straighten anyone up.