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Client Comments

“On behalf of Pik Rite employees, thank you for all of the energy you put into guiding us to make well-informed, cost-saving decisions for high quality treatment.”

-Janice Shively, Pik Rite


“The employee benefits team at The Sholley Agency is very knowledgeable and detail oriented.  They have been very proactive in helping us find plan designs to meet our needs.  I feel like I have a partner helping to navigate through the constantly changing regulations.  They are a pleasure to work with!”

-Gail Erickson


“I really appreciate the service you provide us! (5) Thumbs up!”

-Scott Bordner, NRG Controls North, Inc.


“Thank you Chris! Pam told me she spoke with you last night.  She was amazed at how above and beyond you, Pattie and Shawn go to help our employees.  We really appreciate you all!”

– Carrie P.


“Thank you for your efforts with regards to this issue.  I relayed the information to Rick and he wanted me to let you know that you went above and beyond…  Again, thank you.  I feel confident in saying that no other insurance broker would do all that you have done.”

– Barb B.


“I wanted to reach out and say thanks to your agency.  You guys do a great job for Grandview.  I really appreciate the efforts you guys give us.  A huge applause for both Shawn and Pattie.  They are really great to work with. Sometimes we only lament about the bad things and forget to compliment the good. Thanks for standing behind our employees!!”

– Bill M.


“Pattie, I thank you so much for all your consistent hard work. You are the best at figuring all this out year after year. I have not the patience to deal with people that tell me I owe them money when I know that I don’t. (lol)  I hope that I am not the only one that tells you that you are great at your job! Have a wonderful holiday season.”

– Jennifer L.