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12 Days of Santa’s Insurance – Day 8

12 Days of Santa’s Insurance – Day 8

Santa’s workshop is a place where the nuts and bolts of toy craft combine with a special kind of magic. What a relief to know the Sholley Insurance Agency can help protect the workshop with a property policy.

Property insurance would cover the value of Santa’s workshop if damaged or destroyed. Special considerations may need to be evaluated given the types of equipment and toys present in the facility.

In many ways, Santa’s workshop should be a joy to insure. In order to operate the world’s largest toy manufacturing and delivery facility, the workshop must already be seamless in its processes. Santa’s clean, safety conscious, well maintained workshop will minimize risk factors and help keep his premium lower.

However, the size of Santa’s toy-making operation, the extreme climate in which the workshop is located, and the magical nature of some of the contents make replacement difficult in the case of damage or total loss.

When deciding whether to write the property policy Santa’s workshop will be evaluated on its risk characteristics of construction, occupancy, protection and exposure. How is the workshop constructed? Is it well maintained?  Is there a sprinkler system in place? What are Santa’s management and safety practices? What is his loss history?

We assume that everything should check out, and Santa isn’t allowing the elves to weld near bales of hay, so Santa can rest easy with his workshop protected.

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