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12 Days of Santa’s Insurance- Day 6

12 Days of Santa’s Insurance- Day 6

When Santa’s sleigh hits turbulence, there’s a chance a toy or two hundred could take a tumble. With a transportation floater, Santa’s toys are covered in transit – whether over land, sea or air.

After toiling to ensure children awake to gifts under their Christmas tree, the last thing Santa wants is to leave these toys unprotected. With a transportation floater, Santa can be sure his toys are covered from the time they are loaded onto his sleigh until they arrive at their destination.

Santa stuffs his bag with a wide assortment of presents, from simple dolls and teddy bears to sophisticated tech toys, so Santa should purchase coverage based on the priciest gifts in his bag to make sure the total value of the goods is covered.

Since no single insurance company could cover the value of all the toys Santa delivers, Santa might need to make multiple excursions to and from the North Pole to restock his bag. Buckle up, Santa.

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